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Make your Valentine's Day better with this update!

  • Added the valentines room (A photo scene)

  • Added the Valentina Lingerie set

  • Added stamina potion

  • Add exp points to the entire party after combat

  • Fixed many map related glitches

  • Minor balance tweaks - you get more gold from looting

  • Added merchants to Nova Palace

  • Bug Fix: The player succubus doesn't look at camera if you look at her

  • Bug Fix: Tisor Mor map doesn't have boss

  • Bug Fix: Achievement hotkey not working

  • Bug Fix: Wrong icons for many items

  • Bug Fix: Falling out of map from grassland skirmish

  • Bug Fix: In some levels enemies occasinally generate out of map

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3 Kommentare

Alex Saint
Alex Saint
23. Feb. 2023

The Sun Queen Staffs still don't work properly. Check this Bugs please. Thank you.

Gefällt mir

Alex Saint
Alex Saint
18. Feb. 2023

Very nice, but now the Command Key (Default "R") doesn't work anymore... the Companions just follow and one cannot give them orders.

Check this Bug, please.

By the way, a Hotkey for Stamina potion would be appreciated.


Gefällt mir
Alex Saint
Alex Saint
20. Feb. 2023
Antwort an


Command succubi in battle fix

Valentine update broke battle commands (default R), SWPT Discord found a fix so I'm sharing it here:

Go to Settings - Controls and reset them to Default

Worked for me and kept working after rebinding controls the way I like them.

Also made Stamina potion key bind show up.


* Thanks to Steam User dagonball for sharing this solution. THANKS A LOT!!!

Gefällt mir
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