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Big Update Incoming (Skill System, Magic, Archery and more)

Hi everyone, we are almost done with the next big update for the HD version. And here are the major changes.

1. Skill System

We have added the basic skill tree. It is incomplete but it covers most of the skills that you may find useful in this game. We will keep improving this feature in future updates.

2. Improved maps

All the maps are refined, with better vegetation rendering, terrain texture, and gameplay.

3. Improved Siege and Defence battles

Enemy forces defending the stronghold will bombard you with a rain of arrows before you can get close. You will need to fight hard to grab an enemy territory. But you will have the same advantage when you are defending your strongholds.

4. Improved minion system

Your minions are not the simple minions that will die easily anymore. They are the “Elites” from all races and you can level them up to be even stronger.

5. Magics

A few magics are added to the game. But you need to unlock them first.

6. Archery

You can use bows now. You may find it very beneficial during a siege.

7. More variety of enemies

We have added two new factions, the goblins, and the lizards. We have added more variety to the enemies, such as archers and mages.

8. Localization for Russian and Chinese

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