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Detailed Character Customization

Customize your Succubus in great detail!

Morphing sliders for both face and body

We have added many morphing options to create your very own succubus. The morphs include dozens of facial sliders such as eyes size, nose depth, mouth size, lips thickness, jaw size...And many options for the body, such as breast size, breast diameter, hip size, butt size, waist width, muscle size, and many more!

More options in creating your favorite skin type

You can adjust details such as skin micro details, glossiness, tone, scars, imperfections...

Makeup Options

As a part of the character customization, makeup will significantly change the look of the Succubus. You will be able to apply lipsticks, eyeliners, eyeshadows, blush, tattoos, nail colors, etc...You can access the makeup table and change her look anytime at home.

Facial Expressions

It is a difficult task to add realistic facial expressions. But we are trying so she will not look dumb in close-ups.

Cameras and Poses

We have added options to select poses during any interaction. Meaning if the succubus is sitting on a chair, you can choose how she will sit. And the camera options let you select a few preset camera angles or switch to the Free Look Camera and view her from any angle you like.

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All the changes you introduce into the game look simply majestic. But when they will be added to the game? My version looks exactly the same as a few months ago when I played it for the first time. Or maybe there are some beta tests? If so how can I join them?

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