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Get your Succubus ready for Halloween!

Bewitch enemies with the new stunning outfits, and have fun posing in the Halloween-decorated room!

Hello, punishers! We have prepared the Halloween Event for you!

Bewitch enemies with the new stunning outfits and have fun posing in the Halloween-decorated room! There are 3 new sets of lingerie and two costumes which you can find in the Special Lingerie Shop in the wardrobe room, during the event it will be free, and there is a new room located in the dungeon.

And some bug fixes:

  • Bug Fix: Mourning Labyrinth and Balanda Village don't have a boss.

  • Bug Fix: There are no rescue missions anymore.

  • Bug Fix: Special Lingerie sets show the wrong price.

  • Bug Fix: The color picker doesn't work in the skin customization window.

  • Bug Fix: In the character customization window, 7 presets from Arwen to Liana are unresponsive when I change their settings.

  • Bug Fix: If you remove the companions from the members at the beginning of the battle, minions will not appear either.

Steam Page: And if you still didn't get the game yet, you would want to check out this Halloween 40% Off deal. If you can't get the game on Steam, you can get in on Humble Bundle without limitations:

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