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Halloween Update v0.960

Hey guys! We're excited to be releasing this update to celebrate Halloween! We've added a Halloween-themed clothing set, furniture and a scene ready for you. Come check it out and Happy Halloween! There are also bug fixes in this update: Version 0.960

  • Added a Halloween scene on the world map(Halloween 2022)

  • Added a Halloween lingerie set(located in the Halloween scene in a chest)

  • Added a few Halloween furniture

  • Bug Fix: Some furniture when purchasing they don't charge crystals

  • Bug Fix: Fixed some map related bugs(stucking, falling,etc)

  • Bug Fix: Big Hanging Cage skeleton doesn't have a collider and can't reach

  • the point of destroying it or relocate it

  • Bug Fix: Fixed several item-related bugs(wrong icons, wrong weapon type, etc)

  • Adjusted higher-level map difficulty(enemy number) Join the community!

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