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HD Overhaul Is Finally Published To The Main Build!

Hello punishers, as many of you already know, we have been working on the HD Remake of the game.

A little backstory of why we decided to make such big changes.

Our original company bankrupted due to COVID and quarantine. The entire team was dismissed and was not able to keep developing the game. But, two of us didn't want to let this game die and decided to restart the development. It has been half year since that point, and now we are finally ready to put the Test Build's version to the Main Branch. 

The game still remains in Early Access, which means there will be bugs, imperfections, and changes. But we will keep developing and keep pushing updates. And we hope that our community will be understandable and provide constructive feedback so the development will be productive and smooth. 

About the HD version, we have pretty much remade everything. The main changes are:

New Graphics:

Better lighting, atmosphere, post-effects, high-detailed skin renderer, etc.


Extended customization has many more options, including detailed morph sliders, makeup pickers, and body part options to create your very own succubus.


Improved combat animations, feedback, sound effects, and visual effects. In general, combat became more tactical and responsive and requires some more effort to master.


Complete the rescue mission and acquire new companions to fight with you. You can gear them up and improve their skill sets to whatever you see fit. Companions will be living with you in the palace, and you can see them bathing, chilling on the couch, or lying on the bed. 


Better animation and more challenging AI. We have also added many bosses and elite enemies with special attack moves. Different kinds of enemies have their own attacking style, so you will have to learn what tactics will work best to get rid of those monsters.

Freelook Camera:

You will have many possibilities for beautiful screenshots through the free pose mode in which you can pose your succubus in any pose wherever you want.

Intimating Poses and Interactions at Your Palace:

You succubi can interact with many furniture at home, displaying a set of poses/animations and camera options for you to enjoy her grace. You can change her clothes freely during any interaction.

Full 3D World-Map:

We have added a wider variety of places to fight, such as enemy settlements, random skirmish encounters, and companion rescue missions.


You can purchase furniture and place it anywhere you want. There is much furniture available for you to design your palace, such as beds, couches, bathtubs, decorations, torture devices, etc.

Separated Underwear Inventory Slots:

Here you can find slots such as bra, panties, stockings, garter belts, heels. You can also turn on "underwear only" mode if you wish to hide the armor.


Slimmer and gothic style UI. We remade it to better suit the mood of the game.

In the near time, we will focus on improving the combat and adding more content to the game, such as new maps and enemies.

We hope you enjoy these changes, and we are looking forward to hearing your feedback! We want to mention that, any game development is a long process that involves trying, failing, changing, and improving. It is the natural path of innovation. And our development process is pretty much transparent, and anyone can participate. So we hope you will understand that we cannot find the perfect blueprint and promise that every update is satisfying. But we are trying our best to improve, learn and evolve. And we hope our community will be supportive and can always provide constructive feedback, to help us increase productivity.

Notes: *The previous main build is no longer updated and we will rest it to a new branch called "before_overhaul", so you can still access it if you want.

**You will need to start a new game unless you were already playing the overhaul update in the test build.

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