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Not being able to start the game is fixed

We have dramatically reduced the RAM usage to around 50% compared to the previous build. This could solve some of the unable to launch the game issues.

Also, due to the optimization issue, we will prolong the Christmas event for one week.

Happy New Year everyone!

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Dear developers

Did you think about adding to game sex? For example when scubbus dies monster who killed she is having sex with her. This will be very nice to watch, because for now, there is no sex in he game, only nudity.

Best regards



Would like to see tech errors fixed and to be honest since it is a sexually oriented adventure game maybe actual sexual content besides just nudity. Game has massive potential would like to see it reach it.


Abdou Bouba
Abdou Bouba
Jan 02, 2022

The game is full of technical and technical errors to the point that I am tired of this game. There are other more fun games like (succubus and agony)

This seems to be a failed game with all my respects. Game developer

There is no game

-no Excitement

-no Action and adventure

-Extremely limited game mechanics

-A game that lacks a lot of resources

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