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She Will Punish Them, Development Showcase #3

Hi punishers, here is the fresh development news!

All showcase pictures are WIP.


The bedroom is on the second level of the Palace, connected to the throne hall by a stair. In general, we are adding a more dark fantasy Gothic style to its look. In addition to the bed, we have also added a makeup table, where the succubus can put on lipsticks, eye shadows, blush, etc. And a fireplace and a tea table (not sure if she drinks tea, though) is where the succubus can chill.

Dressing Room

Her dressing room is located on the left side of the main bedroom. You can change the succubus' clothes, store outfits,display clothes on the mannequins, etc. There are several intractable objects in the dressing room, for example, a sofa, which the succubus can sit on while changing clothes.


These plaster models can be built as add-ons to the dressing room. You can put any of your succubus' clothes to display on the mannequins. It's sort of a collection showcase.


The bath is located half story below the bedroom, connected by a stair. We are designing it to fit your main succubus and her minions, who we are planning to add in future updates.

Redesigned UI

We have remade all UIs to look slimmer and more elegant. We are using copper-colored Gothic style frames on a simpler transparent black background, so the UI doesn't look as bulky as before.

We have also been working on combat animations and in general improving the combat system, such as adding special attacks to each type of weapon. We will show that in the next development showcase.

As always, we are waiting for your feedback! As more feedback we see, as more excited we are to development!

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