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Just hours till release! Here's our freshest features!

Greetings, Punishers! In just hours, we will release She Will Punish Them. Check out our latest features including cool and sensual interactive items, campaign mode, spells and buffs! New Home Feature: New items are added in the palace. Go to Furniture Trade and press F to browse the catalog of buyable furniture. Pay with coins, and press F at the furniture to interact with it. Press F or ESC to end the interaction. Coins can be collected during combat.

Campaign Mode: Interact with your palace’s gate to open the map of Campaign Mode. There are 4 general areas on the map with unique themes and enemies. Some are hidden by default, which requires unlock. You need to successfully pass two missions in the first area to unlock the next area. Take on challenges for powerful weapons and hot outfits. In this mode, search for the Hell portals. Endless monsters will keep coming to you if you don’t destroy the portals. Collect magic spells and weapons on the battlefield to challenge tougher areas.

New magic skills and buffs: New function and hint UI of spells and buffs has been added to the game. Get close to them to get certain spell power or buffs. Use Q and E to cast your spells with mana cost.

Let us know your thought in comments below ;) Click HERE to add the game to your wishlist!

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JC Hate C
JC Hate C
Apr 29, 2020

Where’s nudity ?

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