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Join Our Giveaway and Get the Game FREE

The Succubus is watching all of you. She will select a group of punishers, and offer them FREE ride through hell! Interact with us on social media, and you will have the chance to play “She Will Punish Them” for FREE.

Here is how you can win: Facebook: Like and Follow our Facebook page, share pinned post on your timeline, and comment below your thoughts on this game. Twitter: Follow our Twitter page, comment below your thoughts about the game our pinned post and retweet it. Youtube: Subscribe to our YouTube channel, “KK Softworks”, leave a like, and comment below your thoughts on our gameplay trailer video of the game.

Steam: Add the game to your wishlist. And then leave a comment below for THIS POST your thoughts about this game. Instagram: Follow our Instagram Page “KKSoftworks”, leave a like to the latest post post it into your stories, and mention your friend in the comments below and your thoughts about this game. Website: Subscribe to our news.

We will randomly select our winners, but if your comments are more exciting, we will see you! Each platform will have 10 keys to give away. You can get ahead of other people by being active on all 6 platforms! The event starts NOW. We will reveal our selections at the game release day. Don’t miss your chance to please the Succubus! :)

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