Here are the winners of giveaway!

Thank you all for participating in our giveaway of She Will Punish Them, we really enjoyed reading your posts. We assigned a number to each entry, and input them to a randomization app to pick our winners.

For those who are chosen, congratulations!

Here is the winners’ list: Facebook: 1- Lee Fitzsimmons 2- Peter Müller 3- Mysterion Soull 4- Gerald Orsini 5- Sachiko Ogasawara 6- Alexey Alexeev 7-Дмитрий Панов 8- Henry Zock 9- John Joseph 10- Fly Caim Lanaya Twitter: 1- @azz_abdr

2- @EvilReFlex

3- @MitsukeBot

4- @da_gaymer

5- @tasg1

6- @aranorprime

7- @SUt420

8- @fatcatstas

9- @zphv8UU75

10- @BlackDraft Youtube: 1-Typical Dream 2- Luan Santos Leão 3- Lumpus 4- lordpalandus11 5- Alex Hell 6- The Klingon Gamer 7- Angry Roleplayer 8- Domb Nexen 9- SpacialKatana 10- Madmars Motorhead Steam: 1- Хомяк 2- Ai_Ric 3- Renegade Gunman 4- Shogun Viking 5- iron500maz 6- Ryan 7- KiLL3Br4uT 8- Baby Yoda 9- Six 10- Dragosha13 Instagram: 1-@noctisthelast 2-@otstupnik_style 3-@thiago_e_patty_rpg_youtube 4-@mctchenny 5-@psylogege 6-@mathx7 7-@stonebailey05 8-@nightmare11b 9-@ksen_xd 10-@fatcarus VK and Telegram VK 1-Andrey Belikov 2-Vyacheslav Osidak 3-Vladislav Altman 4-Igor Kolesnik 5-Sergey Lyubimov Telegram 1-DeadHeaD 2-Ksen 3-Cruel world 4-Dimitriy [Last Envoy] Greek 5-AlexandrP_52 Website: We contacted you directly to e-mail.

We will sent to you an email or direct message on the platform where you won with a steam key to redeem.

If you were not chosen this time, or you didn’t participate, don’t worry, you still get 40% off during the first week of release! Go to the Steam Page


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