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Update v0.111 | Better Balance, Improved Maps and more

Update 0.111 released This update includes: -Updated German and Japanese localization and improved Chinese localization. -Added the Equipment retrieval mechanism: If you died, go to the final boss room of the death map to retrieve the lost equipment. -Improved the text tutorial. -Extend the clearance countdown to 60 seconds. -Beautified some maps. -Adjusted the number of monsters in some levels and the damage of some enemies to make the difficulty curve smoother. -Improved the rolling animation of the succubus, making it more rapid and beautiful. -Added a text prompt when receiving items, buffs, and magic. -The hit detection is more accurate and can slash multiple enemies in a roll. -Added automatic pick-up feature. Potions, gold, and scrolls will be pick-up instantly. -Nerfed the Fire Skeleton. Bug fixes: Bug Fix: Multiple sound effects will be played when dying. Bug Fix: Some monsters would drop their own weapons. Bug Fix: Some floating objects on the map. Bug Fix: Hair color not getting saved. Bug Fix: Arrows fly in the wrong direction when attacking the enemy in close range. Bug Fix: Fire Skeleton’s friendly fire with the fireball. Bug Fix: Debuffs not getting cleared up after returning home.     Thank you for your support and sincere feedback. We will make the succubus better:)


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