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What we have prepared for the next build

Hello, punishers, Thanks a lot for the feedback and suggestions! We took it into consideration and here is what we have prepared for the next build. We are working hard on it and we are almost there, so it will come up in the near days. Combat Overhaul

-More engaging and thoughtful combat system. -Better hit detection for both the player character and enemies. -Better weapon handling and clearer feedback and a sense of direction. -Distinct enemies. We were trying to make each enemy unique in combat style, thus the -player needs a different strategy to deal with them. -Better combination of enemy groups. For example spear-man and shield formation. -Less clumsy succubus movement. -Better balanced difficulty. -Better balanced loot and growth curve. -Better Enemy AI: For example, the skeleton archers will shoot at you once you are visible to them. Mechanics Changes

-Added magical blockages to prevent the player from leaving the area before all enemies in the area are slaughtered. -When a stage is cleared, you will get 30 seconds to pick the loot before the result statement appears. Improvements -Easier to open chests and interact with furniture. You no longer need to look at an object in order to interact with it. -Loot on the ground is marked with a special effect to make it more visible. -Brief text tutorials to reduce the learning curve. -Hold the bow and fire when releasing the mouse button. better aiming and view when using a bow. Bug Fixes -Options don't get saved sometimes. -Some setting sliders are set to 0. -Some sound effects are not affected by the settings. -Floating blood decal. -Friendly fire by the fireball magic. -Some objects have no collider. -Strange noise from the Fire Zombies. -Some leggings and boots appear to be in the wrong category. -Sometimes the underwear is still visible after you put on an armor. -Cannot switch to windowed mode. Go to the STEAM PAGE

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