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v0.13 Test Brunch | New Buffs, Face Shapes, Castle Expansion and much more!

Hello, Punishers!

The test build of update v0.13 was uploaded. And we would like to present you new content, improvements, and fixes, which we made to the game.


The arranged position of items in the storage will be saved.

Added storage upgrade system.

Added 3 new face shapes.

Added 3 new BUFFs.

-Haste: Increases casting speed by half

-Devil's Might: Increases the Succubus' damage

-Gargoyle Skin: Increases the succubus' defense

Added 3 expandable rooms in the castle.

Added two new pieces of furniture.

● Added a new NPC that will use the occult for a succubus to reduce the loss of items after death.


● Modified the description of the key mapping in the settings.

● Balanced the probability of appearing BUFFs and stores on the map.

● Adjusted coins drop probability, and the items that are getting dropped will depend on the difficulty level.

● Modified the appearance of some furniture.

● Adjusted the lighting in the castle.

● Made collides to be more accurate.

Bug Fixes

● Bug Fix: the rings' attribute was not displaying.

● Bug Fix: items at the home store didn't update.

● Bug Fix: the spiders' venom was remaining on the wall and did not disappear.

● Bug Fix: monsters would drop "Zombie Claw (1)".

● Bug Fix: the foot pose was wrong when wearing high heels.

● Bug Fix: leggings we're clipping during certain actions.

● Bug Fix: occasionally, a poison in battle won't affect.

● Bug Fix: some map items were floating.

● Bug Fix: traps in level 3 were invisible.

● Bug Fix: the name of the creature that killed you was not displayed correctly.

● Bug Fix: the number of coins earned in the battle was shown incorrectly.

● Bug Fix: the light beam was not displayed on the item.

See you!

Go to the STEAM page!

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Eye Teeth
Eye Teeth
Jun 15, 2020

@Melamori lol thank you i ran past and didn't even see XD

minor bug report, sometimes health and mana potions in my storage will "stack" in the same spot, seems to happen when i right-click from my inventory to move the item into storage.


Jun 15, 2020

@Eye Teeth you should check the doors, which are on the left side from the room with a big pool. They are right in the beginning of corridor.


Eye Teeth
Eye Teeth
Jun 14, 2020

hello, i have made several expansions to my castle, but i cannot find them? the big pool room is there but nothing else. the door at the end of the hall is closed

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