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Update v0.112 | Improvements and bug fixes

Here is the list of changes, for the update v0.112


-Extended the Skeleton Mage spell time.

-Now the potion thrown away by the player will not be picked up by the player immediately.

-Improved Chinese and English translations.

Bug Fixes

-Bug Fix: the fire sound is not controlled by the distance.

-Bug Fix: returning home will restore full blood.

-Bug Fix: sometimes can't exit the page of choosing the mod

-Bug Fix: don't have portals and countdowns at the 6th level.

-Bug Fix: the monster can be stuck in the tree and cave.

-Bug Fix: a huge model appears when wearing a few pieces of equipment.

-Bug Fix: the air wall block in the Crystal Cave level.

-Bug Fix: the loot would regenerate in the initial room.

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Eye Teeth
Eye Teeth
May 16, 2020

Monastery (level 8) stuck? last room, big castle place, killed all enemies but nothing happened, had to quit game


May 15, 2020

@Eye Teeth thank you 😊 And thank you for the suggestions, we will consider them 😉


Eye Teeth
Eye Teeth
May 14, 2020

enjoying this game, i have some feedback!

graphics options are not saved, have to change them every time i start the game.

enemy healthbars don't show up on hover, so you can't see who you've damaged already.

dropped item flare color does not match item quality (blue flare for green quality item, etc)

level 7 (swamp) is too hard! i beat level 6 over and over again, i have the best gear, but level 7 i can barely survive.

please note that when you go to menu and select 'go home' you lose ALL your worn gear/gold, not just the gear/gold you picked up in the level. and unlike if you die, you can't do the level again to regain…

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