Update v0.112 | Improvements and bug fixes

Here is the list of changes, for the update v0.112


-Extended the Skeleton Mage spell time.

-Now the potion thrown away by the player will not be picked up by the player immediately.

-Improved Chinese and English translations.

Bug Fixes

-Bug Fix: the fire sound is not controlled by the distance.

-Bug Fix: returning home will restore full blood.

-Bug Fix: sometimes can't exit the page of choosing the mod

-Bug Fix: don't have portals and countdowns at the 6th level.

-Bug Fix: the monster can be stuck in the tree and cave.

-Bug Fix: a huge model appears when wearing a few pieces of equipment.

-Bug Fix: the air wall block in the Crystal Cave level.

-Bug Fix: the loot would regenerate in the initial room.

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