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This Update Will Be A Major One

Hi Punishers,


We are sorry that this update didn’t come on time, and we are in quite a delay now.

Initially, we were planning to release it at the end of April, and then we realized if we just take a little bit longer time, we could actually get most of the core systems done, such as succubus companions, castle expansion, reward system, multiple saves and so on. By doing so, we could get the game into a relatively stable stage so you won’t always lose your progress every time we post an update (Most of these new features will require a fresh start, and so it will be a good idea to release them all in one big package). This update will be a major one, which includes many features that you have never seen before, new maps, new enemies, companions, castle expansion, new minions, a more complete campaign, and so on.


Here are a few screenshots highlighting some of the recent works.


Succubus Companion: You can rescue them through special missions. They are powerful, and they have specialties to boost up combat efficiency. But it takes time and resources to maximize their abilities.

More complete campaign: Get appealing rewards for completing a level. More challenges on the world map, such as the Survival Arena and rescuing succubus companion missions.


First look of the new palace: Extendable with more furniture, rooms, and interactions.



Castle Expansion: Unlock rooms and purchase furniture. Unlock exciting features such as the Secret Chests, the Wish Fountain, and so on.



Stay tuned, more news is coming soon!

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