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Unwrap Your Christmas Gifts!

We wish you all happy holidays and invite you to celebrate the holiday season with us!

she will punish them christmas succubus

All Christmas Sets are free in the Special Lingerie Sets Vendor for one week!

Can’t get enough of the holiday spirit? There is a decorated X-mass Room in the palace waiting for you to take new pictures!

If you share your screenshots on Twitter, make sure to tag @SheWillPunish, and we will be happy to retweet it! And there is also the #screenshots channel on our Discord that always welcomes new creations!

If you don’t have the game already, it’s a great time to get it because it’s on sale right now! Get it with 45% Off before the deal ends!

she will punish them christmas lingerie gift succubus

This event will last for one week. So what are you waiting for? Update the game and have fun!

Also, a few bug fixes:

Bug Fix: Can’t back to Nova palace

Bug Fix: Bad bunny mask is still broken

We are aware of the current optimization issue and we already have a solution, and a patch should come in a few days.

And the heavy motion blur is probably related to the low framerate since we have already turned it off.

Which means it should be fixed when optimization is better.

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