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Update 0.860

Hello, punishers! We made many changes and fixes since the last update that was posted to the test branch and are ready to post this update that also includes some new features to the main build.


  • Rebalance of the game.

  • Fixed many map-related bugs: including going through walls, falling down from the map, lighting, etc.

  • Fixed most of the bugs reported in the test build.

  • Optimized item drop rate and quality.

  • Balanced the Hell Arena.

You can see below what has been added in this build:

  • Dual Wielding

  • Spears

  • Amulets and Rings

  • Shared Experience

  • In-game achievements

  • Gallery of lingerie

  • Hide/Show a certain piece of armor

  • Sell minions feature

  • Added new and finalized old maps

  • More weapons

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