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Update V0.630 Balance and hotfixes


  • Bug Fix: Conquered regions do not generate any tribute.

  • Bug Fix: Sometimes the lighting becomes strange in the combat party selection window.

  • Bug Fix: Sometimes the roaming armies on the world map do not generate on a fresh start.

  • Bug Fix: Health regeneration doesn’t work.

  • Bug Fix: You can take more minions into combat than you should.

  • Bug Fix: Sometimes rolling will not cancel attacks.

  • Bug Fix: Can upgrade troops from the slaver before recruiting them.

  • Bug Fix: Falconvile loot-boxes are placed in the wrong places.

  • Bug Fix: Sometimes your succubus has wrong facial expressions. Added:

  • Added undo button for skills points. But if you close the skill window, the changes will be permanent.

  • Added the basic commanding orders for minions: Follow me, charge and stand ground. The default key to open the window is R.

  • Added the resurrection altar to revive dead minions.

  • Added mini health bar display for enemies.

  • Added 3 shields. Shields have wider blocking angles making it easy to block attacks. Shields can also by default block arrows.

  • Added access to the most common UIs from the game menu. (ESC)

  • Added scaling to spell effects depending on character’s Power

  • Removed the white dot in the center of the screen.

  • Brought the equipment vendors and the lingerie vendor to the Palace for quicker access. We are planning for the world map to have more special vendors, rather than simple everyday use items.

  • The power attribute can increase mana regeneration now.

  • Agility now increases defense by a small amount, speed of attack and movement, and bow accuracy.

  • You will also get exp if your minions killed something.

  • In the character UI, elemental damage will be displayed.

  • When the minions’ health is low, they will tend to avoid being killed.

  • Enemy army level will be displayed on the world map. Balanced:

  • Improved fire magic range and damage.

  • Tweaked one-hand axe animation and hit-boxes.

  • Tweaked one-hand mace animation and hit-boxes.

  • More fluent combat with better auto-targeting and animation flow.

  • More fluent bow handling.

  • Improved bow efficiency, accuracy, and damage.

  • Reworked on the blocking mechanics. Now you can hold down the blocking button and as long as you are facing the attack, it will be blocked.

  • Rolling/Dodge cooldown has been greatly reduced.

  • Balanced pricing, damage, health, and many other things.

  • The loot system has been balanced more.

  • Sometimes the enemy will drop much more coins than usual.

  • Enemy hordes will continue to generate on the world map.

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Mar 10, 2021

ay I love this game, I can't wait for it to grow and for mods to start coming out

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