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Update V0.730 New Map and Save Customization Preset Feature

  • Added level 6: The tower of decay.

  • Added bathtub pose and camera.

  • Added function to save and load the character customization preset.

  • Added a few pairs of wings.

  • Bug Fix: Succubus ends up on the roof after exiting interaction.

  • Bug Fix: Strange "structure" coming out of succubus' body during certain poses.

  • Bug Fix: Golden chest still turn in the wrong direction when opened

  • Bug Fix: Stays forever on the loading screen when entering skirmish combat.

  • Bug Fix: Cannot exit the romantic bath.

  • Bug Fix: Sometimes companions won't fight, even if she has a weapon in hand.

  • Bug Fix: Cannot drop items on the ground in the inventory UI.

  • Bug Fix: Some items from the storage disappear after loading saves.

  • Bug Fix: Every time after loading the game, some already Cleared locations will be reset.


The customization preset saving/loading system can be accessed through the character customization window. You will see

two buttons, Save Preset and Load Preset on the bottom right. You can save as many characters presets as you want.

If you want to share your character with other players, you can copy the folder out from C://Users/User Name/AppData/LocalLow/L2 Games/She Will Punish Them/Character Presets

The folder name is your character's name. You need to copy the entire folder, not just the files inside to make it work.

In the future, we will have a better way of sharing characters, but for now, this will work.

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