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Update V0.780 Workshop Test, New Companions, Maps, Lingerie and more!

Steam Workshop

We have officially enabled the Steam Workshop. It is the first step to the modding support of this game.

You cannot mod the game yet since we have not released any official modding tools yet. But you can already download two test mods we uploaded to the workshop.

And the next step for the modding implementation is to release the official modding tools to the public, test it and gradually add features to it. Similar to the game itself, the modding tools require plenty of time to make, test, and polish. So we figured it will be a good idea to start it early in the development and have it grow with the game itself.

Meanwhile, we have been busy improving the gameplay, adding content, fixing bugs, etc. And here is what we have been doing.

New Content

-Added several new companions.

-Added a new faction: The Orcs (WIP) -Added the balance parameter to determine whether the Succubus should stagger when hit. -Added two new maps: Venom Den and The Misty Den.

-Added the expression controller when posing.

-Added more than 10 new lingerie.

-Added a few armor sets.

-Added more than 10 new pieces of furniture.

-Added a few higher-level weapons. -Moved most of the Smuggler items to the loot pool. -Added confirmation window when you click the return to main menu button. -Tweaked strength attributes to scale with player's damage.

Bug Fixes

-Bug Fix: Certain type of bows doesn't work. -Bug Fix: The inverted controller bug.

Join the community!

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Rohan Negi
Rohan Negi
19 de jul. de 2021

Awesome!!! 😎 😎 😎

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