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Update V0.790 Cloud Saves, Modding Tools, Custom Poses

  • Added Steam Cloud Save Support.

  • Uploaded the modding tools for weapons and simple furniture.

Download the modding tools and watch tutorials on our website:

  • Added custom pose maker. In the Free Pose Mode, you can use the bone rotation tool to make your own poses and export them. You can also import poses made by other people. To find the exported poses, go to the game's saves folder and you should find a folder named Poses. If not, you can create one. The game will automatically create this folder if you have ever exported any poses. Inside of the Poses folder is the individual folders that contain poses.

  • Added the in-game photo taker and the album function. You can take pictures in-game and save them to the album, which you can access through the ESC menu.

  • Added a few new hairstyles.

  • Added a few new lingerie.

  • Added 2 new maps.

  • Added 2 new horns.

  • Added pubic hair changer to the makeup options.

  • Added a few new face mixer sliders.

Note that after loading previous games, characters' hair color may appear black. That is because we have changed how colors are stored in the save files. So you will need to re-color the hair.

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