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Update V0.800 Transmog, Minion System, Improved Building System, New Maps

  • Bug Fix: Fixed many map-related bugs, falling down, stuck, etc.

  • Bug Fix: Cannot use character presets on the companions.

  • Bug Fix: Cannot quit the wardrobe UI with the X.

  • Bug Fix: Fixed many clipping issues for armors.

  • Bug Fix: Cannot delete saved games.

  • Bug Fix: Cannot move the characters up and down during free pose mode.

  • Added transmog: You can access it through the menu (ESC).

  • Added a few maps in region 4.

  • Added several orcs.

  • Added the minion system back. You can recruit minions from the slaver and upgrade them in the party menu. Minions will automatically spawn in combat.

  • Refined the world map.

  • Optimized the building system: When in the building mode, the player character will be hidden and you can aim at any furniture to interact with it. This will give you more control in placing furniture.

  • We will add the survival mode in the next update.

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