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Update V0.800 Transmog, Minion System, Improved Building System, New Maps

  • Bug Fix: Fixed many map-related bugs, falling down, stuck, etc.

  • Bug Fix: Cannot use character presets on the companions.

  • Bug Fix: Cannot quit the wardrobe UI with the X.

  • Bug Fix: Fixed many clipping issues for armors.

  • Bug Fix: Cannot delete saved games.

  • Bug Fix: Cannot move the characters up and down during free pose mode.

  • Added transmog: You can access it through the menu (ESC).

  • Added a few maps in region 4.

  • Added several orcs.

  • Added the minion system back. You can recruit minions from the slaver and upgrade them in the party menu. Minions will automatically spawn in combat.

  • Refined the world map.

  • Optimized the building system: When in the building mode, the player character will be hidden and you can aim at any furniture to interact with it. This will give you more control in placing furniture.

  • We will add the survival mode in the next update.

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Update v0.982 Hotfix

Bug Fix: Can't buy furniture, when opening the furniture list, it is empty


Dec 19, 2021

para cuando es la siguiente actualizacion por que yo tengo 0.79 y hay 3 zonas que no esta disponible por el momento


Due to the minion case ... If you buy a few minion and try to get the first companion ... even if you fail ... Afterwards you have powerful minions which are a great to clear the LVL 3 camps.


Sorry I forget the thing with the locations. I can clear all locations but any location starting with Venom Den will be uncleared once you save and reload the game. And if you have trouble with the minions because you don't see them in the minion screen or the battlefield .. you have to save and load the game.


Oh hell, ... are yes it's where we are ... in the game. I encountered a bunch of problems and will simply number them. 1. The minions kind to advance is strange, really ... if you resurrect him he may drop a level or gain a level. If take a new minion with you to rescue the first companion. Even if you doesn't succeed. When you resurrect the minion he will gain levels and will raise as a level 7 minion. If you repeat this later your minion will even raise up to level 14, but be carefull. If he dies outside the rescue zone. He will drop to level 7, sometimes. 2. If using additional experience the main character and the…


There is a bug in your game, the nipple setting stops showing on clothes after loading.

Sorry for google translator.

Іра Бойко
Іра Бойко
Aug 31, 2021
Replying to

And what can I do to fix this problem? to wait for the next patch?

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