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Update V0.850 test branch

Hello, punishers! We have a lot of things to show you in this update. We are closing down our first and partly second parts of the roadmap. We were also fixing multiple bugs from before, which appeared after adding new features. However, the game still needs more testing, so we are putting the update into the test branch first. You can see below what has been added in this build:

  • Dual Wielding

  • Hell Arena

  • Spears

  • Amulets and Rings

  • Shared Experience

  • In-game achievements

  • Gallery of lingerie

  • Hide/Show a certain piece of armor

  • Sell minions feature

  • Added new and finalized old maps

  • More weapons

To switch to the test build you need: Launch the Steam Client. Go to the LIBRARY tab. Right-click on She Will Punish Them and select Properties. Then click the BETAS tab. Then select "test-Test Version" from the drop-down and close the window. Then update the game and you are ready to go.

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