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Update V0.900

Major Bugs Fixes:

  • Skeleton archer won’t shoot after death and revived.

  • Companions won’t switch to other weapons when they are out of arrows.

  • Save Pose button in the free pose menu doesn’t respond.

  • Boots get unequipped after interacting with furniture.

  • Weapons on the left-hand shares magical attributes with a weapon on the right hand.

  • Many invisible clothes and lingerie.

  • Spamming two-hand sword attacks can lock your animation.


  • Re-balance of skill points and leveling system.

  • Cloud save is temporarily turned off for re-work.

  • Traps are added to the levels.

  • Added some new poses to existing furniture. We will keep adding more.

  • Added diary(notes) to the game(WIP).

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This game needs PVP mode! 😣


Joe Dolahenty
Joe Dolahenty
Jun 16, 2022

Good on you. Your wonderful game is progressing well towards completion. I'm looking forward to the finished product.

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