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Update V0.920

Main Features & Adjustments

  • Added some adult content (poses and furniture, need to unlock through achievements)

  • Polished achievements (with better rewards, usually lingerie and furniture)

  • Canceled the lingerie set merchant(merged this feature with achievement system)

  • Added a feature for companions to automatically pickup gold and potions.

  • All interact-able furniture will be marked with an icon in the building list.

  • Added a toggle to don’t bring minions into combat.

  • Added a button to reset skill points (gold required)

  • Added a few new lingerie.

  • Modified dual wielding and great sword special attack.

  • Reduced rage accumulation speed.

  • Added facial expression (automatically applied to certain poses)

Major Bug Fixes

  • Loading rings and necklaces will give you the wrong stats.

  • After load the game enemy controlled cities will be yours once you enter the battle.

  • Many map related bugs are fixed.

  • Rage can be interrupted by blocking

  • A series of bugs related to the building mode.

  • Many UI related bugs, for example misaligned fonts, overlapping UI elements, etc.

  • Merchants’ storage get refreshed every time you get home.

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