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Update V0.950 (test build)

Hello, punishers! Here is the new update that goes to the test build first. It includes multiple bug fixes and a bunch of new content that's listed below. In the near time will focus on finalizing the game and moving it to the full release. We will keep adding the seasonal content and do bug fixes once the game is out of early access. But the features-wise game is complete. Meanwhile, let us know your thoughts in the comments, see you there!

  • Added 40+ free poses

  • Added A new palace

  • Added 2 photoshoot scenes, Romance Stream and Sky Garden (no enemies, just for taking pictures)

  • Added function to close furniture interaction panel with ESC button.

  • Added sound for intimate scenes.

  • Added music for all scenes.

  • Added a skill to improve dual wielding.

  • Added artwork for the diary.

  • Added confirmation for Random character

  • Added confirmation for Reset character

  • Added more details for the boss room in the Scarlet Dawn map.

  • Polished some UI experience

  • Bug Fix: Cannot equip some higher-level shield.

  • Bug Fix: Extremely short spawning distance of some enemies in dungeons.

  • Nerfed the Orc Queen.

  • Nerfed the Demon Boss.

  • The overall balance of combat difficulty and drop rate.

  • Adjusted lighting brightness for all decoration lighting

  • Adjusted brightness for all maps.

  • Added default Pubic hair density

  • Bug Fix: Many places on the map that can stuck the player.

  • Bug Fix: The Fire Angel sword deals 0 damage.

  • Bug Fixes: free pose mode cannot change the facial expression

  • Bug Fix: Color selector not getting closed after you quit customization

  • Bug Fix: The camera on some skirmish map tilts to the right side.

  • Bug Fix: When minions are charging, and there are no enemies, they stuck

  • Bug Fix: If you hit the "i" key while in Free Pose mode, it'll open up the inventory and kick you out of Free Pose.

  • Bug Fix: Several wrong item icons

  • Bug Fix: Open the party panel in combat will cause minions to disappear.

  • Bug Fix: if you uncheck the button Bring Minions, they are still coming to the battle with you if you go to battle from the world map right after the battle.

  • Bug Fix: Merchant not getting refreshed.

  • Bug Fix: Companion often stuck on the stairs.

  • Bug Fix: Press hotkeys will interrupt the customization session.

  • Bug Fix: Loading the game during stronghold defense will reset the enemy levels and amount.

  • Bug Fix: Cannot leave some stronghold maps because the portal is gone.

  • Bug Fix: You can die twice if you are dead and the enemies continue to attack you.

  • Bug Fix: Orc battle blade is not held correctly

To Opt Into the Test branch

  1. Launch the Steam Client.

  2. Go to the LIBRARY tab.

  3. Right-click on She Will Punish Them and select Properties.

  4. Then click the BETAS tab.

  5. Then select "test-Test Version" from the drop-down and close the window.

  6. Then update the game and you are ready to go.

You can opt-out at any time to get the default version of the game. Join the community!

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as usual, there are a lot of mistakes, please fix them and add more clothes.


Joe Dolahenty
Joe Dolahenty
Oct 16, 2022

You're almost finished. Congratulations. I'm looking forward t seeing the finished game. Not long now.

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