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Update v0.131 | Improvements, Bug Fixes and Optimization

Hello Punishers! Here here are the changes which were made for the new update v0.131

Fixed Bugs:

Bug Fix: the attacking speed of some equipment was increasing wrong.

● Bug Fix: some shoes and leggings with higheels didn’t have the right animation.

Bug Fix: icons for some shoes were too big.

Bug Fix: couldn’t rotate Free Camera in the wardrobe.

Bug Fix: settings of the breast didn’t save.

Bug Fix: text before quitting the scene was wrong.

Bug Fix: if you turn to the main menu while playing, items were getting saved.

Bug Fix: could be killed in the combat when using the scroll back to the city.

Bug Fix: character was moving down on the stairs.

Bug Fix: items refreshment time in the store was too long.

Bug Fix: sometimes couldn’t pick up dropped loot.


Now can see types of the monsters.

Now can see equipment’s type in the panel.

Now can see the item's information after you won the level.

Added shops to the last three levels,so you can buy equipment and weapons in the battle.

Optimized the store: adjusted probability of the props which appear in the store, with the level of unlock, the store will sell more powerful weapons and armor, some equipment will have enchanted value.

Now items which were unlocked from earlier maps will have lower ability. The unlocked items from the more difficult maps will be stronger. Some rare gold items will have extra attributes.

Increased the probability of items dropping. Now it is easier to gain items which were unlocked from the map, which you won.

Go to the STEAM page!

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